March 19, 2019 3 min read

Guest blog contribution by Webb & Brown-Neaves

How intelligent is your home?

At Webb & Brown-Neaves, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We work with our major supplier of smart home technology, Intelligent Home, on almost all our builds, to ensure our homes reflect the latest in home comforts and meet the level of standard expected from our clients. 

We spoke with Jamie Gilmore, System Integrator at Intelligent Home, about smart home technology and its predicted development in the future. 

"Often the biggest concern for people with technology is the learning curve. Smart home platforms remove the learning curve because regardless of make or model, all devices are controlled the same way from a single, uniform interface," he said. 

Smart home technology is on the rise, and can be customised to your home exactly how you want it. When building a home with Webb & Brown-Neaves, you have access to Intelligent Home's range of home technology solutions, with the main goal to make your home safer, smarter, and more user-friendly. 

"A good smart home should tie together multiple separate products like TVs, air conditioning systems, music and access like the garage door. Also, being able to truly automate your home so that things can happen on a schedule or routine like music playing, TVs turning off as you come and go, even the ability for the air conditioning to be automatically controlled based on the climate outside the home." says Mr Gilmore. 

Webb & Brown-Neaves have worked in collaboration with Intelligent Home on the latest MSWA Mega Home Lottery Show Home in Sorrento. This home features smart wiring for smart TVs and improved Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, a security alarm system, and speakers throughout the home, all controlled through a platform called Control 4. But perhaps the most exciting and fun part of the home is the voice integration with Amazon's Alexa. 

"Amazon, Google, and Apple all have great voice assistants and when you add a solid smart home to the mix you add a whole new level of ease to controlling your smart home. A simple command like 'Alexa, turn on party mode' gets the music started inside and out playing your favourite playlist at your preferred volume."

And smart home technology doesn't just make life easier, it also enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. 

"The biggest aesthetic improvement comes from the reduction of visible equipment. No more remotes on the coffee table, less devices in the living room cabinet, less controllers mounted to the walls."

Smart home technology products have developed rapidly since they first entered the market. Are smart homes the way of the future? Absolutely, says Mr Gilmore. 

"10 years ago, we had a living room with multiple remote controls. Nowadays we have a home with multiple apps. A smart home that brings in all your control into one app or one touch screen or one voice control system is the natural progression," he said.

"As we continue to evolve with smart home technology our homes will be able to think for themselves, they will be able to adapt and respond to climate, ventilation, change the lighting conditions to work with our natural body clock to enhance our wellbeing and more."

Check out our interview with Jamie Gilmore about how Intelligent Home have incorporated smart home technology into the new MSWA Mega Home Lottery Show Home HERE.

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