The 3 Point Pack provides an entry level cabling solution for home owners who want basic TV, phone and internet connections. This budget friendly package is best suited to home owners who have limited internet requirements as the system can be expanded to add a maximum of three additional data points.

Why Choose Us?

Intelligent Home is the preferred cabling supplier for many major building companies in Perth. We keep track of the variety of technologies available in the suburbs and estates of Perth, and can guarantee we will cable your home correctly for the services in your area.

As new technology rolls out to replace existing copper phone lines, cabling systems and connection points in the home and on the street level change in requirements. We have seen the headache this can cause when a home is finished and basic cabling requirements have not been met, or the technology in the area has changed during the build. Sometimes things are overlooked or forgotten about, or some contractors simply don't want to deal with it.

We'll ensure your home is set up correctly from the moment you get the keys and move in, even when we are just doing the basics.