Home automation is improving the independence of elderly Australians


As time moves on, some of us will become more dependent on our family members for assistance - it's just a fact of life! Age and physical conditions shouldn't restrict us from enjoying our home lives and staying independent.

From video intercom systems, to smart control of TV and music, to automatic doors - automated systems can help improve quality of life.

For people with physical disabilities or conditions, a home can be fitted with numerous smart devices to aid in the opening of doors, control of locks, and security of the home. Lighting and temperature can be controlled remotely without having to move around the home to various switches or control panels.

When it comes to supporting families of those who are in care, systems such as cameras and automated lighting can help ease everyday tasks and allow carers to check in on their loved ones via images sent through an app. This can help provide peace of mind.

If you or your loved ones are in need of advice when designing a new or existing home for integration with smart tech, get in touch using the form below.

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