Call Up Schedule

During your new home build or renovation, Intelligent Home technicians will be required to attend site to install your system. To ensure smooth construction project management, we request that you refer to the call up booking procedure as detailed in this guide.

    As a general rule, any call ups for your on-site electrician will also be required for Intelligent Home technicians. A minimum of 5 working days’ notice (preferably 10) should be provided for all call ups to avoid delays.

    To book a call up send an email to with your booking details:

    • Booking name
    • Contact number
    • Site address
    • Booking type
    • Booking date

    Our standard call ups schedule is shown in the table below.

    PRELAY / SUSPENDED SLAB Attend site to install conduits in reinforcing steel to create cable access after suspended slab is poured. Note that if the home is larger than 2 storey, a call up is required for every slab pour. Note that if the job requires installation of speaker slab boxes, a call up will be required when the formwork is complete, but prior to the installation of reinforcing steel.
    TOP FLOOR PREWIRE Once roof structure is complete and before roof cover. Attend site and run cables to the top floor and majority of the lower floors. Please note clear access to top floor required via scaffold and hoist.
    GROUND FLOOR PREWIRE Once roof structure is complete on lower floors and before roof cover. Attend site and run cables to the ground floor.
    FINAL FIT OFF After tiling and external plastering/texture/painting is complete. Attend site and fit wall plates and other hardware.
    HANDOVER After services are connected. Attend site and provide a full explanation of the systems installed. Note that handovers for 3 point packs are not a standard feature of every job.

    Non-standard call ups that may incur variation fees. Please be mindful that any requests to attend site outside of the standard call up schedule may incur variation costs. Examples of these occurrences are: 

    • Return visit to install hardware due to incomplete works outside of Intelligent Home standard call up schedule. For example, external alarm sirens and CCTV cameras on plastered/textured walls.
    • Return visit required due to robes or shelves needing modification prior to installation of equipment panels.
    • Return visit required due to site not being cleared and reasonably level for trenching.
    • Return visit required to relocate security sensors as a result of window treatments being installed (after prewire).
    • Return visit required to fit smart wire points due to splash back not being installed.
    • Return visit to fulfil any phase of the project that was not ready at a scheduled standard call up.
    • Attending site to accommodate plasterers on lower floors before top floor prewire.
    • Relocating any points not as per plan.

    Additional notes
    Our scope of works does not allow for cavity wall insulation. Extra chasing is required for this and will incur extra costs to the job if applicable.
    The telephone lead-in conduit from the Telstra pit to the meter box should be arranged by the client/builder, this is not completed by Intelligent Home.

      We look forward to working with you!