Technology is changing the lives of people with disabilities

Internet connected smart devices are becoming more common place than ever, and this amazing technology is helping to change the way people with disabilities live and work every day. We are seeing more consumer products coming out every year with smart features like internet connectivity and app control becoming the standard.

A smart home can be controlled in just about every way from a centralised control system, with a variety of input methods such as touch or voice, allowing for ease of use. Doors, lights, audio-visual, temperate, security and more – it all ties together with a well-designed smart home.

Our team are experienced working with people who are living with disabilities and we have completed numerous special projects. If you require consultation, advice on a design, or just want to check out the latest smart home tech we would be happy to hear from you - even if its about something simple like getting the internet connected in your home, it can make all of the difference! Use the form below to drop us a line.