What Is An Induction Loop?

Simply, they allow the hearing impaired to hear more clearly in noisy environments by producing an audio signal over a magnetic field, which is then picked up by a person's hearing aid or Cochlear implant, delivering a signal directly to the telecoil inside the hearing aid/implant, while turning off the hearing aid microphone. This stops the amplification of background noise, allowing the user to communicate easily.

Key Benefits

  • Proven solution to assist with hearing in public spaces
  • Low cost, simple installation
  • Telecoils are in 70-80% of hearing aids for use with induction loop technology

Portable Induction Loop

The portable loop is a versatile solution, providing mobile desktop assistance for your customers. It can be moved between rooms as required and is used in small rooms where conversation between two people takes place.

The single control unit is constructed in robust ABS plastic and incorporates a microphone, amplifier, hearing loop aerial and rechargeable battery system.

Home Loop

The "Home Loop" is a sleek and powerful hearing driver that connects to televisions and other audio devices.

It enables hearing aid wearers to listen wirelessly directly from the source, providing the best possible sound quality. Integrated clear audio processing gives the user outstanding sound quality, enhancing speech and music clarity.

Suitable for home and business use, in small rooms where a television or sound system is present.


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