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Assistive Technology for Disability
Technology can lend a helping hand and improve the quality of life for people living with disability. Home automation systems that integrate doors, lights, air conditioning and security systems require less human interaction and are sophisticated enough to adapt and respond to the home's environmental conditions. Automatically adjusting climate control, turning on and off lights at a particular time of day and ensuring doors are locked at night, not only offers convenience but peace of mind for family and caregivers. Control is simplified by using a centralised app-based system that can be used both at home, or remotely by family and caregivers. Devices can be triggered using voice commands, touch and movement sensors to allow for ease of use for those living with disability.

Limited movement or coordination
Tasks such as turning the lights on, opening blinds or adjusting the temperature of an air conditioner can be automated or triggered with voice control.

Sensory impairment
Intercom systems can assist with identification of visitors before allowing access and remotely opening doors. Audio systems and text notifications installed in key areas of the house can be linked to doorbells and phones allowing a visual alert in place of the traditional sounds.

Cognitive impairment
Families and caregivers can discretely monitor their loved one’s safety while home automation systems assist with carrying out day-to-day tasks.

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