NDIS Assistive Technology Levels

What are the NDIS assistive technology levels of support?

Level One - Basic Assistive Technology
  • Low Cost Assistive Technology (AT), less than $1500.
  • Safe to use and does not require too much assistance when setting up.
  • Products in this level include: alert systems, adapted grips, mobility, door bells and watches. 
Level Two - Standard Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Technology off the shelf from specialist AT suppliers.
  • Minor adjustments are required.
  • Assessments may be required depending on availability and individual circumstances.
  • Products in this level include: bathing and toilet systems, vision and hearing devices, laundry and washing adaptions, grab rails, ramps, basic seating and basic transfer equipment. 
Level Three - Specialised Assistive Technology
  • Similar to level 2 but quite often requires more modification to suit the challenges of the participant.
  • An assessment is required by an Occupational Therapist.
  • A quote and design is required demonstrating the supply, set up and on going maintenance.
  • Products in this level include: non complex devices or software for communication, specialised vision and hearing devices used with PC's and smart equipment like iPads/laptops and smart phones.
  • Environmental control including airconditioning heating and cooling, bathing and toileting configurations.  
Level Four - Complex Assistive Technology
  • Customised Assistive Technology solutions.
  • Will require a specialist to complete an assessment.
  • Includes complex bathing and toileting configurations.
  • Includes specialised vision and hearing devices used in conjunction with PC's and smart equipment such as iPads/laptops and smart phones.
  • Includes complex home modifications.
  • Includes residential communication devices. 
  • Includes voice control.
  • Includes complex environmental control such as airconditioning heating and cooling.