New Development Applications

In 2015 Telstra and NBN updated their policies to state that developers are now required to contribute to the cost of providing communication infrastructure to new developments. This means that applying for communications now follows a similar process to applying for utilities such as water and power.

Registration ensures that new lots are visible on the Telstra and NBN networks and they are consequently flagged for pit inspections, removal of old asbestos pits, pit additions and pit upgrades. Although applying for communications is a necessary step for connecting fixed line phone and internet services to a property, it doesn’t officially form part of the planning approval process. In many instances developers are unaware of the requirement and as a result, it is possible that lots are developed and on-sold without provision for services.

How can we help?

As part of our developer application management services we can:

  • Complete service plan documentation
  • Complete registration forms
  • Manage on-line submissions
  • Provide NBN feasibility studies where required

How to check if your block has been registered.

If you recently purchased a block, you can ask your real estate agent for a copy of the documentation from Telstra or NBN with details of the property's location ID, alternatively you can contact Telstra or NBN directly and request further information.

All residential lots require individual location ID's, regardless of how the original block was subdivided. The typical application processing time is 6-8 months.

Our new service offering has the full support of our long standing partners, Telstra and NBN. For more information please contact us on 6363 8744 to talk to our developments team.