Our Team

Meet the Team

We are a dynamic crew who love bringing your home tech dreams to life. Whether it's listening to music, watching movies, or testing the latest security system - we all have a passion for technology.  


Brenton Morris

System Integrator

Peran Bishop

Custom Theatre Manager

Daniel King

Assistive Technology Business Manager

Warren Brough

Sales Manager

Tim Jones

System Integrator

Andrew Vaughan

System Integrator

Jamie Gilmore

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Lynch

System Integrator

Jerry O'Neill

System Integrator

Zain Dunn

Assistive Technology Integrator

Doug Crockett

Scheduling Manager

Michael Healy

Construction Supervisor

Michael Burgess

Theatre Project Manager

Cameron Lynch

Theatre Project Manager

Chris Ward

Group Operations Manager

Chris Baroni

Electrical Coordinator

Shona McBeath

Service Technician

Peter Chandler

System Integrator

Martin Negus

Reception / Administrator

Casey Ormond

System Integration & Software Development

Jasper Nunn-Parker

Residential Solutions

Brenton Turnor

System Integrator

EeVon Tan

Development Liaison

Antony De Caprio

Project Manager

Cary Wintle


Taylor Magatelli


Chloe Heslington

Service Co-Ordinator

Adam Faulkner

Payroll & Finance

Kate O'Toole

System Integrator

Hayden Paton

System Integrator

Aaron Christensen