Our Values


Our core values, we all work and live by them.


  • Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.
  • We are approachable and lead by example.
  • Take pride in how we look and how we present to others.
  • Own it- Align what you say with what you do.
  • Walk in the shoes of our customers - have empathy.
  • We take ownership for the quality of our individual work but also take pride in what we deliver as a team.

Our focus is on a successful outcome for all.



  • Relevant, authentic, transparent and timely.
  • Build relationships between teams, management, contractors.
  • Via speech, visuals, signals, writing, and behaviour.
  • Actively listen and be present- act on that knowledge with positive intent.
  • Take thoughtful and intelligent action to support one another.
  • Have difficult conversations with honesty and fairness.

Let's all develop the ability to see things from someone else's perspective and sympathise with their emotions.



  • We work together to be more effective, efficient and have trust in one another.
  • Achieve as a team what an individual cannot.
  • Collaborate towards a common outcome.
  • Follow up, the first step is not the last step, be relentless.
  • Embrace change and get on board.
  • We demonstrate genuine empathy and respect with consistency.
  • Treat people as they would want to be treated.

Having the peripheral vision to see others and help them along the journey.



  • Actively seek new ways of handling challenges as an opportunity to learn.
  • Create and implement development plans for skills and competency.
  • Apply learning and experience to grow the company and yourself.
  • Focus on the destination and decide the pathway to get there.
  • Recognise people in their growth.
  • Provide our investors an attractive return through sustainable growth.

Learn something new and apply it, In people, development and progression.



  • We trust one another every day.
  • We build trust through responsible actions and being respectful of privacy and confidentiality concerns.
  • We build trust through honest relationships and constructive communication that serves the common good.
  • We trust our employees to act with volition in their roles and work without barriers.
  • We trust our employees will make the best decisions. Think, act and lead in your own right.
  • The trust we build lifts us all higher than we could rise alone.

Do the right thing even when there is pressure not to do so.


Intelligent Home Culture

Be willing to learn

With all of the technological and scientific advances in recent years, we have access to vast amount of information to feed our learning. We are reminded how important it is to continually learn. But being in a learning mode is not just being up to date with technology and information. A learning mode is an attitude that enables you to learn from your experience. It is an attitude that avoids rigidity and insisting that it’s “my way or the highway”. It is an attitude that encourages improvements and innovations. When you are in a learning mode, you are showing our team that you are open to change, that you respect the opinions of others, and listen to learn.

Be trustworthy

It is difficult to gain, and when broken even harder to redeem, so apply more effort into keeping someone’s trust. Trust is very personal. That is, we put ourselves in a position of vulnerability when we trust others, so our wellbeing rests partly in their hands. In a way we relinquish control of some parts of our lives to those team members, we have a personal interest in the outcome. Our hope is that their actions will justify the faith we have entrusted to them, and that they will live up to our expectations. Being trustworthy is what the word actually coveys, being worthy of someone’s trust. It means behaving consistently in a manner that attracts people’s trust in you.

Be customer oriented

Creating a culture of being ‘customer oriented’ is an important key to our success. But what does it mean? It means knowing our customers so well that we understand their needs and their pains. It means empathizing with their pains, being concerned about their wellbeing and striving to serve them. This focus will make us responsive to their feedback; it will cause us to look at the service or products we offer from their point of view – not just because they are important contributors to our bottom line. When we take care of our customers and provide excellent products and services – the bottom line will take care of itself.

Be positive

We are habitually prone to focus on the negative, on what is not working right, and criticise or offer suggestions for improvement. A change in this orientation is necessary. Instead of immediately focusing on the negative, try to discover the strengths and build on them. Being positive gives people the confidence and energy necessary to improve. Placing value on positive attitudes in our business benefits everyone’s outlook, we become more resilient to stress and develop a broader perspective that allows us to see the big picture and identify solutions. 

Be respectful

Respect is a human right, and everyone deserves to be respected. While we all agree with this value, many are unaware of what it really implies. When someone speaks and we interrupt, we are not showing respect. When someone speaks and we don’t listen, we are not showing respect. But what if we arrive late to a meeting? Is that not disrespectful to the others present? The value of being respectful is often ignored because people are so preoccupied with their own agenda. Innovative ideas come from people at all levels of our business who are not discouraged from expressing their views and are treated with respect. We believe a culture of respect enables team members to contribute knowing that they would be heard, and to share their ideas without fear.