SDA Builders

Our Assistive Technology can work with you to create personalised packages for your SDA projects. When planning designs for specialised disability accommodation, we consider the following:

  • Entry and exit into the complex.
  • Elevator access, calling and auto-floor transport.
  • Entry and exit into occupants apartments and rooms, including control of doors.
  • Control of environmental systems within the apartments and rooms, including cooling and heating.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) compliance for systems and participants, including design, supply and installation.
  • General power outlet (GPO) and automation designs, including consultancy for automation compliance.
  • Control of audiovisual systems, including televisions.
  • Control of lighting.
  • Control of window treatments.
  • Site intercom, including control panels.
  • Integrated and provisional cabling for apartments, rooms or the entire complex.
  • Control elements including voice, switches, eye gaze, smart apps, blow technology and pressure technology.
  • Basic automation calling to Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) and carers.
  • Medically rated nurse call operators.
  • Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) and carers emergency calling, including automation control of apartments, rooms and homes.
  • Cloud-based remote control of access control and security systems for SIL and careering agencies.