Hey Cam,

I just wanted to send my thanks to yourself and the team. All the guys were great and helpful yesterday. In relation to the CCTV system and Home Theatre the quality is amazing and all the hardware is easy to use.

The end result speaks for itself and when I do more with the house I’ll definitely be coming back to Intelligent Home.

Thanks again,

Monique - Received 7th August 2019

Hi Adam

Thank you so much for sorting this for me. Steve came today and was most helpful. As I was at work, Mum was there to let Steve in and mentioned how polite, professional and that he went out of his way to help.

This is what makes a company stand out from the rest and I just wanted to take the time to let you know. In addition to this, thank you also to Liam and yourself for trying to help me remotely beforehand as well.

Much appreciated!

Graham - Received 24th July 2019

We would like to take the opportunity to say big thank you for the time and efforts  Andrew Vaughan has spent to get our electrical requirements we need in our new home building with Ross North. He has been very thorough and gave us lots of options so that we could get the best outcome. We may not have chosen everything suggested given the financial budget we need to take into consideration. We are thankful we find out a few things upfront rather than later.

Kind regards

Lisa and Ching - Received 19th June 2019

Dear Warren,

Thanks so much for the recent upgrade to the security system in our son’s home. As you are aware he is a vulnerable adult with an intellectual disability living in his own home. The upgrade to perimeter security has meant that he is safe guarded while at home. The external video surveillance cameras and the video activated door bell has given us the ability to know who comes and goes to his home without intruding on his privacy. This has been a life changing experience for us all and all monitored through the easy to use App.  Intelligent Home presented us with several options and the work was carried out expediently and professionally. A great job and thanks to all involved.


Alice - Received 8th June 2019

Hi Tim,

Just an update we had Steve visit and explain our alarm system, which was great, hopefully we don't lock ourselves out. Then Matt went through our options as regards cameras,  speakers etc, he is coming back with a quote and we can then make an informed decision, which we will quickly. Thanks again we really appreciate the assistance and clear professional advice from all your personnel.

Kind Regards,

Pete & Mary - Received 6th June 2019

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your, reassurances and assistance, yes we are looking forward to arriving in the 20th century, only last week Mary and I updated to Samsung S9 phones, for me with my old flip phone it's a little like going from cave drawing to pen and paper. Thank you again for your invaluable , help in our build project , will catch up soon to discuss, speakers ,cameras etc.

Kind Regards,

Pete & Mary - Received 28th May 2018

Hello Andrew

Many thanks once again on your comprehensive consultation and excellent customer service you provided me on Tuesday.  You were very knowledgeable, spent considerable time with me in ensuring that my needs were met and that I understood all aspects of the quote. I appreciated that you offered me creative and affordable options and dealt speedily within the short time frame that the builder had given us.  

Much appreciated

Eva - Received 9th May 2019

Hi Warren

Thanks to you and your installers for the TV’s. They turned up on time and did a great job. TV’s look amazing in the house. Planning a movie night tonight with kids!


Mark - Received 9th May 2019

To Whom It May Concern

We made the choice to go with Intelligent Home as our existing home has Smart Wiring and liked the experience we had with Avanti.

We found Warren to be most helpful and informative.  Even though we did not take up everything that there was to offer, we found it most interesting to see what was current on the market.

We also like the hand over service that Intelligent Home offers and the peace of mind this will bring us when we get to this stage, as we are not very Tech SavvyJ


Rod & Kathy - Received 16th April 2019

Hey gents

Just a quick email to let you guys know that Todd when above and beyond today to help me out with a job.

He was happy to answer his phone and answer my questions even after 5pm then when we couldn’t resolve it he drove to site and tried all he could to help.

Turns out it was a problem at the monitoring stations end and unfortunately couldn’t be fixed but the client appreciated his efforts.

We finished up at 6.45pm with everything else tested and working which is a great result as the client is going away for the weekend and is now well covered.

It’s great to know as a sub contractor that help is there when needed.


Mark - Received 4th April 2019

Hey There!

Well my home automation days are coming to an end sadly.

Must admit it has been pretty awesome having such amazing technology at my fingertips!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for your incredible support and customer service throughout the whole process and after care.

I was worried initially that it was going to be a quick install, take my money and never hear from you again, but you guys were the complete opposite!

Special thanks to yourself obviously, and to Simon and Jasper. Intelligent Home should be very grateful to have staff like you. You 3 are professional, polite, friendly, know your shit and also funny and entertaining. So thanks for everything over the past 4 years.

I believe you will be setting up for the new owners in the next few weeks.

I don’t know if you need anything from me, I will leave all the manuals and cords with everything that came with the items that are staying.

Anyway, let me know what I should be doing and I’ll organise to get it sorted before these guys take over on the 2nd of November.

Thanks again Jamie,

All the best!

Danae – Received 10th October 2018

Hi Tim

Last Friday 31st August 2018 we met with one of your employees Andrew Vaughan, to discuss our Intelligent Home needs. We just wanted to bring to your attention how friendly and helpful Andrew was and we really appreciated his assistance and advice on the day. He appears to be a valuable asset to your company and we would appreciate if you could pass on our regards to Andrew once again.

Matt & Lynette  – Received 6th September 2018

Morning Gents, 

Just a quick text to thank you all for the great effort you put in to get the extremely difficult Crawley units completed and done to the high Averna standards! I would like to thank you all for your efforts and let you know that the clients are extremely happy with the final product! I know that you all generally only hear the bad stuff, but I wanted you all to know that there is also good feedback in what we do! Again well done and you should all take a bow and be proud of what you all do!

Cheers, Curtis.

Ps. you guys helped me finish these jobs 6 months early! – Received 14th March 2018

 G’day Jamie

Your guys have done a great job yet again! Adam & Ben were fantastic!

Think we need more security cameras and data points mate!


Russ – Received 13th March 2018

Hi Jamie

I will take this home tonight and have a read through, thank you for the quick response in quoting and also for your time last week, Lauren and I both thoroughly enjoyed the time and your passion for the project.


Simon Birkhead
General Manager
Homebuyers Centre – Received 9th March 2018

Good morning Eloise,

Both, Charmaine and I are pleased with the tidy, neat and professional installation completed by John and Matt.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ivan – Received 8th December 2017

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your help and patience with me on discussing my wishes for the network in our build.

I found your help, patience and especially your knowledge in your products extremely helpful on helping me make a decision on what I would like to do. The price you have quoted I think is reasonable to what I want done to our new home.

I will not hesitate to recommend Intelligent Homes to my friends and family when they are looking to make changes to there own networks or cinema rooms.

Regards, Mike – Received 7th December 2017

Hi Kristel, just wanted thanks to intelligent homes. 

The technician has been out to our address and sorted out the intercom for us. 

Was a simple fix, and he explained the reasons behind the height difference. 

Really glad we went through intelligent homes.

Regards Chris – Received 2nd December 2017

Hi Tim,

Since our first meeting with you in early May 2016 we have experienced a journey through to key handover by New Generation Homes on 11/01/2017 that has now resulted in arranging our final security / television installation with Intelligent Home. 

Since we have had to discuss our camera solution directly with you personally and the television installs to complement the package we have been absolutely thrilled with the friendliness and professionalism of the personnel involved.

Since our install commenced on Wednesday 26/07/17 the overall planning and implementation of the equipment has been handled very efficiently.

As a problem arose the people you entrusted the responsibility to satisfy our needs provided the necessary solutions.

From yourself to Cameron and then the field personnel of Gabriel, Matthew, Anthony, Jasper and finally to Ben we have achieved something that was a remote possibility over twelve months ago.

We appreciate all of the advice you have kindly passed on to help us understand the new technology and respectfully congratulate you in guiding us to a new era of safety and security.

We look forward to having available contact with you in the future in the event we have any questions resulting from our install.

Kind Regards,

Bill & Sheryle – Received 2nd August 2017

Hello Cameron,

Ben was at my home today and I now have the internet!! He is a very pleasant young man and explained everything to me in a way that someone of my vintage could understand. Nice and simple. Just need Darren to come back to finish off the alarm system and garage remotes. I will be home Wednesday afternoon and Friday.

I love working with your company everything seems to run smoothly and effortlessly.

Cheers Irene – Received 21st July 2017

Thanks gents.

Brenton, Got to say your teams customer service (and passion / enthusiasm) has been excellent, I really appreciate it as it is something we (Stinson Air) strive for in our processes. We have had the odd niggle but dealt with, with professionalism and a really positive attitude every time. I love dealing with passionate people and dealing with Tim, Jerry and all your scheduling and install teams has been a pleasure.

Thanks Brenton and the Intelligent Home team.

Brad Stinson

Managing Director – Received 4th July 2017

Hi Daniel

I just wanted to let you know I paid the invoice last night for the work above – thanks for that. I also wanted to say that John was fantastic and made the whole process so simple, worry free and smooth. He was easy to work with and he certainly has great skills and knowledge which gave us confidence. Everything is working spot on.

Once again thanks and hoping you will pass on our compliments to John.

Warm regards

Darren and Kate – Received 12th June 2017

Hi Jerry,

Thanks, I appreciate your efforts and the entire Intelligent Home installation team (John, Cam, Jes, Jasper, Gabriel etc.) as they are very professional. My wife and I are very happy with the home theatre setup thus far. Yes, Jes did show me that really useful “Green Button” function which allows shutdown of the system and separate the device.

Kind regards,

TC – Received 31st May 2017

Thank you to Aaron & Matt for installing the TVs in our home. Professional, friendly and clean. The boys were extremely informative, did an excellent job and went above and beyond. Intelligent homes should be proud of having workers like you, just as we are. 

Lisa – Received 24th April 2017


Just to let you know I have paid both of the invoices today for the work done recently by Simon and Davide. Thanks very much for the assistance as I know retro fits are not preferred. Also both of the guys answered my many questions and were most helpful and accommodating – pass on my sincere thanks.

There are a couple of CBus programming changes that I need to do but Simon left me the program (I know – dangerous!) so I will see how I go but if I have no luck I may have to get some additional assistance from Simon. Everything else is working well – thank you.


Jason – Received 3rd April 2017

Hi Jamie,

Just wanted to give you a quick overview of the whole experience with Intelligent Homes and our installation. From our first meeting and all the way through to completion, your team has handled everything very professionally, promptly and patiently.

It seemed that everything that could cause issues during the install did, but between yourself, Aaron, Gabi, Jon and Michael, all of these issues were resolved as quickly as possible and the end result is excellent.  

Please give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done and thank you from a very satisfied customer.  

Thank you,

Shaun – Received March 2017

Thanks Jerry – love your enthusiasm and I’ll fire this across to Peter Stannard.

Bernard – Received March 2017

All great thanks Ryan.

Loving it very much. Thanks for lending your passion to our project.


Dante – Received March 2017

Hi Jerry,

We noticed that the guys had been back and installed sensors on the two windows. Thanks very much for organising this. We continue to be super impressed with the professionalism and quality of service.

Michael – Received September 2016

I have worked with numerous builders over the years and have had many interactions with Intelligent Home through those builders.

I always refer clients to Intelligent Home because I know they will be well looked after, the service and knowledge of the consultants there is always outstanding.

Be it structured cabling, security, intercom, ducted vacuuming or any of the other services they offer, the attention to detail in their quoting and their systems is second to none.

Carla, Tim, Jamie, Jerry, Zain and Daniel are some of the names that come to mind, always friendly, always helpful and always go out of their way to make sure clients are well looked after and serviced according to their needs.

Keep up the great work! J

Caroline Sheddan
Senior New Home Liaison
Plunkett Group – Received August 2016

Happy Friday to you. We think you guys excel in customer service and we are so happy with your help over the years!

Kind regards,

Kylie Hore

Customer Service & Administration Manager
Ben Trager Homes

Received 1st July, 2016

Hi Jerry,

Just to let you know the guys did a great job with the TV installations – very happy!

Cheers, John

Received 23rd September 2015

Jerry, Once again you under commit and over deliver, nice.


Received 29th July, 2015

Thanks Ryan – The boys did a great job and were good fellas too. They cleaned up and they showed me the drill with the system before they left. Cheers!

Best Regards,

Adam McArthur

Element Construction WA

Received 29th July, 2015

Hi Ryan,

Intelligent Home have been a pleasure to deal with throughout the build and I have no negative feedback to give. You have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable & always on the ball.

Look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you.


Pat Rando
Building Supervisor

Received 8th of May, 2015


What can I say, you are the man (good one Intelligent Home!) Your company name suggests that we are dealing with smart people!

Thank you, this just makes me more excited, looking forward to playing with my new toys.

Marc Beckx
Manager Engineer & Project Services – Horizon Power

Received 8th of May, 2015

Good morning Rebecca & Tim,

I would like to say a big thank you to all concerned, the service we received was outstanding. Also if you can pass on to the guys that did our installation, what a great job they did.

Have a great day and once again thank you.


Rosemary Costen
Client Administration Manager, New Homes

Received March 25th, 2015

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sending Steve out!

He was very professional, clear, resolved everything and went the extra mile…

Kind Regards,
Kev Coetsee

Received March 24th, 2015

Just thought I would drop you a quick email with some positive feedback, we all agree over here that Tim is a real asset to your team.

In all dealings with him, he is efficient, polite, attentive and a real pleasure to deal with. If he treats our clients the way deals with us we are lucky to have him as our contact at Intelligent Home.

It’s not often people take the time to give this kind of feedback, but we just thought it was worth passing on.


Shannon Eachells
Next Residential

Received 23rd March, 2016

G’day Jamie,

Really happy with my AV and the lads that have done the install. Will and already have been spreading the work about IH as I love your work!

Even the gent who you put me onto when I went in to look at the cabinet with my wife was terrific. The deal was already done and I’m sure cabinets are the least exciting bit of the job for you lads but he still spent time giving good advice and service and on more than just the cabinet.

But at the same time, the buggers put my sub for the outside in the living area while waiting to be able to do the outside area, so now I think I need another one!

Go easy on me, how much to add another sub?

And I had Jeremy’s number and my aerial was not working so I sent him a text last weekend with no pressure to help me out as I realised he was probably off work but he slipped around and got me sorted anyway. Please let the right people know about this because I am so often disappointed with the crap dished up as customer service these days that I just love promoting people who shine!



Brenton – your guys came around last week and installed a new TV and fixed up some of the automation at my place as you know. Just to commend the team on their professionalism, great service and resultant happy customers (dealing with a few minor points with Jasper – but he is doing a great job responding).

Please pass on my thanks and well done on a great team you have.

Mike Enslin

Received Tuesday, 1 December 2015

To Intelligent Home,

We recently built our first home, what is now our dream home and as most that have been down the process would know, you deal with a lot of trades and service providers along the way and don’t always get the desired result, be it finished product or service. All we can say is that Jerry, Jon and the entire team at Intelligent Home were easily the most professional but approachable, impressive and understanding of them all. From the first day designing the system with Jerry almost 2 years ago to the final install and system hand over with Jon and his team in July 2015 it was a fantastic experience. It has now been almost a year that we have had our integrated multi room home AV and security system and we love it. We would like to thank all that were involved from start to finish. See you all soon!

Kindest regards,

George and Jelena

Received 30th June, 2016

Just wanted to mention that Jasper was a jet today (as always).

Every time he has come to our home, he has nailed the issues quickly/efficiently and come up with good solutions to our problems.

He’s a great communicator, a top bloke and provides 10/10 service.

He is a credit to your company.

Thanks to you both and also Jasper.

John and Katey-Jane

Hi Ryan,

Just dropping a note to thank you for you recommendation for the ceiling speakers for classical music.

They are truly amazing and beyond our expectations for ceiling speakers. The separation of instruments and voice, and its clarity are truly a pleasure to listen to, not to mention the realistic reproduction of instruments with minimal tone adjustments. Of course more bass would be great but you can’t have everything!

Thanks again.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your proactive approach. I’m estimating the time I’d be ready for the fitout to be mid June. Tiler will start in a couple of weeks and I’m sorting out phone line and internet in the next week. The ISP said NBN works haven’t started yet even though it was scheduled to start couple of months ago. They said telstra might take a couple weeks to come out to connect aswell. I will keep you posted if anything changes.

Since you have placed the order of materials will it still take a month to make right?

Also the alarm is fantastic and the installers were excellent and very thorough in explaining it to me. Very happy with everyone’s professionalism and I’m sure it will continue.


Hi Jamie,

Many thanks for the quote and new diagrams, which we’ll study ASAP after giving Cyndy some drinks. We’re still awaiting quotes for Aircon, mains wiring, flooring, pool, etc, which means we might be unable to make a final decision for quite a while.

Regardless of anything else, I must say what a pleasure it has been so far to deal with you (personally) – you know your business backwards, are able to explain it to me in terms I comprehend and also have been willing to meet Crispin and deal with him at his level (well beyond my simple level!)

Thanks again – and I think you can rest assured that we’ll be in touch again in due course.

Kind regards,

Dr Lindsay Stewart


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the great work and friendly attitude of all of the Intelligent Home guys that came today – nothing was too much trouble for them. We would definitely recommend IH! Everything is good with the new system.

Thanks, Frith

Received 12th of April 2016

Hi Tim, all done here up at my place… Just need to set up my router now.

Just wanted to let you know that Peter (your tech who came out) was fantastic! He was very professional, helpful and kind.

Please pass on my thanks to him again.

In the next couple of weeks I will come see you in the Osborne Park store to discuss security cameras and what we can do to pimp out my theatre room!

Cheers, Mike

Hi Jon,

Its been a frantic couple of weeks but we are finally all moved in and very much loving our new house. Sadly we’ve been so busy that I have no idea who from Intelligent Home came to site to install the TVs, stereos and set up the wifi but I can say that everyone was an absolute credit to the company. Helpful, professional, polite and clearly very proud of the quality of work they provide so a big thank you from Rob and I.


Received 9th of March 2016

During the building of our new Webb and Brown home, Ryan and the team at Intelligent Home were by far the most professional and easiest contractors to interact with. Building a new dream home leaves you very little time and we were often discussing ideas, concepts and getting clarifications late into the evening with Ryan via email. Amazing service when you are jugging multiple items and just want to ask a question and not have to chase a response. In fact a lot of the time, Ryan was contacting us before we contacted him; a very rare occurrence in this day and age.  My wife especially liked the fact during the design phase, Ryan took the time to ask her what she wanted, and also explained and showed her the extensive range of systems and hardware in the showroom.

You would have to look long and hard to find a more customer focused, responsive, and diligent company. Customer service has been impeccable. We cannot thank Intelligent Home Team enough, but definitely a special thank you to Ryan!

Justin Martin – Received 11th March, 2015


Please find attached our acceptance of quote.

We are impressed by Duncan’s wealth of knowledge and the speed and efficiency with which we received the quote.

Received 15th December, 2014

Thanks for that, very much appreciated.

You have been great to deal with and I will be referring friends!

Have a great day!

Received 25th February, 2015

Dear Mr Lynch

RE: Unit 11, 14 Alumni Terrace, Churchlands.

I am writing to you to let you know of the job well done by your team on my new apartment. Over the past year of planning, and finally, the complete installation last month, I have been impressed time and again by the quality of work and service the Intelligent Home team has provided.

While no home building is without its fair share of hiccups (and maybe more), the Intelligent Home team would always come to me with a solution already in tow when problems did present themselves, making life so much easier. This allowed me to hand over complete control of the project from day 1 without worrying, a luxury not necessarily afforded to me by contractors when I was building this past year.

I would like to extend special thanks to Jamie Gilmore who has been excellent from the get go – always knowing what I wanted or needed even before I knew so myself. He went the extra mile to research products I was personally interested in, sent me reviews on his recommendations and even helped resolve a rather messy dispute with the builders over some electrical work.

Special mention must also go to Jeremy Lewis, Alen Jakovcevic and Joel Dolman who worked on my apartment. All my silly questions were always addressed on the spot and the installation was also done so professionally and friendly, I don’t think I know anyone who could have done a better job.

Such a commitment to great customer service needs to be commended, you can be sure I will continue to do business with Intelligent Homes for years to come.


Rae Tan – Received 13th November, 2014


I can’t thank you enough for Joel. He was amazing to say the least. Definitely happy to have spent that much money with you guys now. I’ll rave about you!

Thanks again.


Sally Jane – Received 21st October, 2014

Hi Jerry and Alen,

Once again thank you for the great service you have provided. Jasper was amazing and sorted all of our issues out. The Apple TV is working perfectly and our wifi is fantastic! Finally we can operate our sonos from our mobile devices without any issues. We really appreciate the assistance you have provided and are very happy with how everything is now working.

I’d also like to commend Jasper on his professionalism and knowledge. He worked through all the issues he encountered and ensured that he found the exact cause of the problem and tested everything before he left. I was most impressed with his level of expertise and his persistence.

Kind regards,

Bev Christmas – Received 17th September, 2014

You’re just the best Jamie! Thanks so much, love your work!

And to add to this, so professional and accurate. Clients have spoken so highly of you and your knowledge

Have a nice day!

Kind Regards,

Karren Sajich (Pre-start Consultant) – Received 9th September, 2014

Intelligent Home recently did the installation of all entertainment, security, internet etc for our new home.

I just wanted to let you know how outstanding we have found the service of your employees. The guys who were out on site setting things up were just amazing. They were polite, charming, knowledgeable and helpful and did a fabulous job. John in particular really went above and beyond the call of duty, talking to Telstra on our behalf etc. There were quite a few guys working on the project and I’m afraid that I can’t remember all their names but I just wanted to pass on to you what a great job they are doing and what great ambassadors for your company they are.

We were also very impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of Intelligent Home’s service in general – attending to every query, variation and issue swiftly and professionally.

Thank you very much for all your work on our home – we are very happy with the outcome.

Best wishes,

Alice Nelson & Danny Shub – Received 3rd July, 2014

Thanks so much Scott – Can you please pass on my thanks to Sean.

On a side note Kylie and I want to pass on our thanks for everything that you all do for us on a daily basis – You go above and beyond what you are required to do and we certainly do notice this. I have no idea what we would do without Intelligent Home!

Caris De Vaney (Service Coordinator) – Received 8th May, 2014

Awesome Tim,

I managed to get the handover team to come over to the house a little while ago (top notch service as per usual). I am all ready to go but I have a problem with the phone line. It appears I am connected but not turned on! So back to Telstra we are – oh joy.

Thanks for all the help. I know I wasn’t the biggest customer for IH but have found the experience very easy and will happily recommend your companys services in the future.


Justin – Received 4th May, 2014

Thank you for your message and a big thank you to the team who came over yesterday. We are really pleased with the outcome and now feel that we have the system we were hoping for from the outset!

I really appreciate the effort that has been made to sort out our issues and the professionalism of the staff has been outstanding. I was so impressed with the way everything was handled yesterday and felt that everyone really listened to our needs and put in the effort to work out a solution.

Mike was thrilled when he arrived home last night and was able to play his music in his office. He would also like to pass on his thanks.

Thanks again for all your efforts and for following through to ensure we are satisfied with our products – it is very much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Bev – Received 27th March, 2014


Not a problem we will pay as soon as we receive the amended invoice, thank you again for all your assistance and a top job by your team, please pass on my thanks. A professional job.


Brian Blagaich – Received 14th March, 2014

Hi Brenton,

Clients Sharon & Kevin Weary came in for Prestart yesterday and had nothing but excellent feedback about their appointment with Duncan Livingston.

They felt his product knowledge was exceptional and they were very happy with the service he provided.

I understand you are busy, however just wanted to pass this on as clients mentioned how pleased they were a few times during Prestart.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Kind Regards,

Kirsty Ferrier (Aveling Homes Prestart) – Received 7th March, 2014

Good Morning Brenton,

Just wanted to pass on some positive client feedback.

Sue & Konrad Waszkinel came in for Prestart last week and asked me to pass on their thanks to your team.

In particular, they wanted to thank Jamie Gilmore for his exceptional customer service and ability to explain each package in detail.

Sue & Konrad were more than happy with the service they received at Intelligent Home and couldn’t stop praising Jamie.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Kirsty Ferrier (Aveling Homes Prestart) – Received 14th February, 2014

You see Jerry, out of 2 years of building with a million trades I can count on 2 fingers who the people are that are always on the money. Yes, one of those fingers belong to the crew at Intelligent Home… See you Thursday @ 8


Phil Thomas-Hall – Received 19th June, 2012


I’ve been meaning to let you know how happy and impressed I was with the on-site techs that finished off at my place. They were both very helpful and informative!

By far the best trades I’ve had dealings with during the build. Please pass this on.


Jason Smith – Received 1st May, 2012

Good Morning Brenton,

I would like to pass on my thanks for the help Sean, Jayson and Alen from your company have provided.

I obviously realise in my position that your company would strive to do the right thing, the point is however the boys really know their stuff! Within minutes they had the system working perfectly and explained in detail how everything worked, given that the receiver was an older model that impressed me full stop.

My home theatre has sat dormant for the past year and a half and their expertise has bought a whole new dimension to our audio-visual experience

My wife and I for the first time sat and enjoyed a movie in full Dolby DTS surround sound.

Our system has been purchased over many years and we are now under your advisement about to add to the package one of your Oppo 95 Blu-Ray players.

Again thank you very much!

Simon Hill

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would send through an email to thank all of you for the work you did to our house, so amazing and we love it all. Even the small jobs contributed and we are so happy here.

Thanks again for all your amazing work and great service over the last couple of years.

Kind Regards,

Melissa Thomas-Hall

Hi Guys,

I would like to provide some customer feedback on my dealings with Tim Jones.

My dealings with Tim over several months and two separate projects have been exemplary. Tim’s attention to customer service is greatly appreciated and a nice change to my general day to day business dealings. He has an excellent understanding of your products and provides the customer the best solution for their needs. He is also able to respond to challenging customers with changing requirements.

Tim is an asset to your business and I will recommend your services to my friends and family.


Brett Cashmore – Received 3rd December, 2012

Hi Brenton,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a terrific experience it has been dealing with Intelligent Home in the lead up to getting the installation done. Carla has been so helpful and patient, and extremely professional. I appreciate that our job is a tiny one for you, but nonetheless the thoroughness of service has been exceptional.

Our design is now all squared away and work gets underway next week. Needless to say, we are very excited with how things are tracking. Episode 3 is being released next week and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the progress!

Thanks again for your support and looking forward to catching up soon.


Josh Byrne – Received 2nd March, 2013

Hi Jayson,

Where has the time gone since you sent us this email? I had good intententions of emailing earlier so I hope they haven’t cut off your email as yet or that some might forward this on to you.

Jef and I would sincerely like to thank you for all the work you did in getting our home theatre and sound system up and running your many hours of thought that brought our home system to where it is today. We are both happy with the system in fact it has excelled our expectations. There are still going to be minor things that come up and we are sure that Jerry will be able to take us forward from this point in time.

We wish you all the best in your future position and whatever life brings you.

Denise & Jef Beer – Received 7th March, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is a quick note to thank you for looking after us in relation to Intelligent Home.

Also the service and electricians were brilliant and provided a great and friendly service. Both Tina and I were impressed.

Thanks again and I will not hesitate to refer Intelligent Home.


George Pampacos

Hi Sean,

Ben, a new site manager we have and I bumped into your chase and install teams at the above address. They were about to chase a missed point and were kind enough to show us through the process, good for Ben to see what key safety points need to be observed.

They were a credit to Intelligent Home and all very cheerful and polite guys. Thought we should let you know, so you get the good rather than only hearing about the bad.


Danny Radstaat – Received 6th November, 2013

Hi Diana,

As discussed, the team from Intelligent Home were at our place today investigating the TV reception interference issue. They methodically went through the process of narrowing the problem down to likely cause of the interference coming from the HAVIT drivers supplied. This is summarised in the email below. The blog posts on the site listed below will also be of interest as to others experience similar problems.

Thank you for agreeing to supply new drivers to see if this will fix the problem – your ongoing willingness to help resolve the issue is greatly appreciated, as is the professionalism and thoroughness of Intelligent Home, with their efforts – I feel very fortunate to have such excellent service!


Josh Byrne – Received 30th October, 2013

To all the staff of Intelligent Home,

Thank you so much for the EXTREMELY friendly, professional service you provided to me.  My husband absolutely loved the surprise Sonos system you installed.  Every one of you from Trinah (on the phone), Jerry (who did my quote), John (who did the installation) and Peter (who came to check a speaker) were sensational and extremely patient with me considering I didn’t know  a lot about multiroom audio systems.  I couldn’t fault your company and have already recommended you to family and friends. Thanks again. Sorry if I left any names out or got names wrong.

Kindest regards,

Katie Marsell – Received 2nd October, 2013

Hi Daniel,

Id like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the team at Intelligent Home. We are extremely happy in our new home especially with all aspects of the home automation. The part you and the Intelligent Home team played in the overall construction project was significant.

The project brief included controlled lighting, smart wiring, intercom, multi-room audio and home theatre. The design, product selection, installation and project management for all areas of the project brief were second to none.

The excellent service delivered by Intelligent Home did not finish when our home was completed. Ive requested a few additions and changes since weve been living in our home. The way these solutions have been achieved has been exceptional, we are extremely grateful for this.

Our association with Intelligent Home does not finish here. Im sure there will be further requests to enhance our existing home and any future projects.

Thank you,

Terry & Kerry Davenport – Received 25th August, 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Intelligent Home for an exceptional job.

We have been extremely happy from the very first meeting with Stuart, right the way through with everybody we have come into contact with. The lads who have come out to the home on each occasion have been very professional and friendly and we can’t thank you all enough for a great job.

We will definitely be recommending you to anybody who we know is looking for this type of work/equipment. Please pass on our thanks to everybody else in the office.

Mick & Ruth Heslington – Received 13th May, 2009

Good afternoon,

This morning Gary Wilson (senior site manager) and myself went out to the above-mentioned job site and just so happened to meet the client Robin Taylor. All three of us noted the quality of the workmanship of the wiring pre-lay. Being an ex-avionics (aircraft electronics) engineer, I noticed the neat layout and looming of the cable bundles and accessories.

Keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Leicester (Estimator/Scheduler – Gemmill Projects) – Received 21st February, 2008


We’ve met with Jamie Gilmore at the Intelligent Home show room on two occasions.

Both times we’ve found Jamies service to be exceptional. Although our requirements and total spend is small, in fact we needed to scale back our requirements in the second meeting, Jamie’s product knowledge and understanding of what we required was both precise and reassuring. He was very patient and approachable, we left the meetings feeling confident about the build process and the decisions we’d made.

It’s rare to receive this level of service (especially in Perth) so we wanted to give credit where it’s due.

We’d recommend Intelligent Home any time.

Phil & Anna Lister – Received 20th January, 2012

Hi Alen,

Peter called as arranged yesterday and completed all the outstanding work.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team at Intelligent Home for their professionalism and attention to detail in the supply and installation of our equipment. it has been an absolute pleasure to experience your commitment to the achievement of a successful outcome. Well done to you all.

Peter mentioned yesterday that there is now a digital solution available for modulation – could Jayson explore this option and let me know whether it is available and at what cost?

Many Thanks,

Neville & Angie Walker – Received 16th June, 2011

Thanks, that is great news for you and hopefully for us too.

The kind words are well earned. We have had so many disappointing experiences, honestly I actually don’t know how some people are still in business! It is good to deal with someone who runs things the way I do in my job and the way I think business should be conducted. Professional, prompt and enjoyable to deal with.

I have actually just recommended you to some other friends who are in the early stages of building. Hopefully they will be in contact too.

Bronson Vieira – Received 30th November, 2011

Hi Jerry and Zain,

I just wanted to thank you both for your advice and assistance with our recent project; we’re very pleased with the end result!

I was also very impressed with John and Tim when they came to install the home theatre on Monday!

I’ll be in touch soon about the iPad control system!


Stephen McMahon – Received 10th February, 2012

Hi Ryan,

Yes all went extremely well. Just wanted to thank you and your team for extending yourselves with the very tight deadline. Both Satterleys and I were very impressed with you and your team!

Sometimes I can be a bit of a stress head and I apologise for that. Looking forward to working with you on the next one. I hope you have a great long weekend… a well deserved one at that.

Cheers and thanks again,

Victoria Chapman (Interior Designer, Vicci Interiors) – Received 2nd March, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

We had our security system installed by your firm 3 years ago after moving into our new home.

Until now, we haven’t had any problems.

On the 16th of March at about 11:30pm our alarm system started to play up and continued over the weekend.

On Monday morning, I called your office at about 9:15am and described the problem – also mentioning that we were flying interstate the next day for a week…

Within 30 minutes or so, I’d received 4 phone calls from your staff (as promised) to try to determine the cause of the problem. At 11:00am, your technician arrived, repaired and had left before noon.

I felt compelled to write to you and commend your staff on their professionalism, customer service and dedication to their jobs. I’m still a bit “gob-smacked” (for use of a better term) as this kind of service is very rare these days – very impressive.

Had this not been sorted before we left, it would have detracted from our trip. So, once again, thankyou for your promptness and professionalism and keep up the good work. I’m not holding back on my praise when telling friends and colleagues about our experience with your firm!

Anita Mateljak – Received 30th March, 2012