Thinking Ahead on Automation

Article originally published in the "New Homes Magazine" lift out of the West Australian newspaper, June 2019.

According to the latest data from analyst Telsyte, the average Australian home has 17 connected devices, and experts predict this number will double by 2022.

New home builders are becoming increasingly aware of the technological demands on family homes. Due to the popularity of home automation and smart home products, new home building methods are changing to ensure homeowners can make the most of the latest tech in the areas of safety, lifestyle, entertainment and wellness.

Here are some examples of what Perth’s best builders are offering their clients.

Neutral cabling

The Western Australian standard for cabling light switches is based on a two wire system, however, a select few Perth builders are following the global trend of installing a three-wire system.

This system introduces a third ‘neutral’ wire to accommodate a myriad lighting automation products that can be installed during a new build or easily retrofitted at a later stage.

The most popular automation products being released in the world market need a neutral cable connected to the light switch to function.

As more products become available in Australia, homeowners with a three-wire system will have the option to upgrade to the latest home technology. Retrofitting a three-wire system can be cost prohibitive and disruptive, so it is recommended you check your builder’s standard inclusions when planning your new home build.

TV, phone and data cabling

The roll-out of the National Broadband Network has drawn much attention to the upgraded cabling replacing Australia’s existing copper phone lines. But did you know the NBN is just one of several network service providers that delivers cable upgrade services to Perth homes?

Along with NBN, there is also LBNCo (Local Broadband Network), Opticomm and Telstra Fibre. It is important to note the connection guidelines for these providers isn’t the same.

Ensuring your home is correctly cabled to suit the cabling standards for your block is the first step to avoid TV, phone and internet connection delays. Cabling installer Intelligent Home provides a 3 Point Pack designed to connect to any current underground service.


As many home technology solutions are difficult to retrofit, it is essential to consider your requirements prior to building your new home.

To assist homeowners in designing a plan that addresses their current and future needs, some builders provide a home technology and electrical consultation at the pre-start stage of the building process.

No different to making selections for your kitchen or bathroom, a tech consultation gives you the opportunity to experience the latest products first-hand in areas such as safety and security, entertainment and home automation.

Designing your system correctly prior to construction will give you the flexibility to expand or reconfigure as your needs change without re-wiring your home.


Intelligent Home Intelligent Home tech experts consider all aspects of your home and lifestyle to ensure your system is streamlined, intuitive and easy to use. Intelligent Home is a Western Australian company that delivers more than 4000 consultations a year.