Today's Alarm Systems Get Smart With Security

There are myriad ways to keep our homes secure. Whether we use simple gates and locks or more sophisticated alarm systems, we all want to feel safe.

New technology offers homeowners a wealth of security systems and features which do just that – and are a definite upgrade on the old lock and key.

“There are many new options for homeowners,” Intelligent Home System Integrator and Assistive Technology Specialist Warren Brough said.

“If you haven’t shopped for a system in a while, you may not be aware of the modern developments.

“People view traditional security systems as being limited. Homeowners can’t take action on triggered events if something happens unless they pay for monitoring.

“When there is limited interaction with the system, people don’t see value.”

Mr Brough said modern security add-ons offered homeowners more features and control.

“Current modern security add-ons feature things like smart home automation which give the user full control and access to their home security via devices such as smartphones, tablets and even smart watches,” he said.

“These can also include systems which give you control over things like lighting, digital door locks and garage doors and soon, wellness products.

“More importantly, they can tell you when the kids get home from school or if your teenagers are coming home after their curfew.”

These add-ons can also notify you if you have forgotten to arm the system.

“A clever feature of a product like is that the technology is intelligent enough to learn your activity,” Mr Brough said. “The system can notify you of unusual events, such as garage doors being left open.

“ uses patented crash-and smash technology so the alarm system will still send an alert if the panel is destroyed during a burglary.”

Homeowners need to assess their personal situation and what their lifestyle and needs are when deciding on a security system, according to Mr Brough.

“A big question is budget,” he said. “They also need to look at how they live from day to day. “Would you and your family benefit from an advanced level of notifications and home automation?

“What is your level of risk and what is it that you want to protect – people or property?

“Fly-in, fly-out workers who want to monitor the security of their homes while they are away would have different needs to a family with children at home.”

Article originally published 18th of May 2019 in the Industry News section of the New Homes Magazine lift out, featured in the West Australian newspaper.