Origin Acoustics C65 Composer In-Wall Loudspeaker (Pair)

We designed the Composer Collection as the perfect match for our Director Collection. Across each model, the levels of performance remain consistent. This unity allows you to timbre match our in-wall and in-ceiling models with confidence.

In-wall loudspeakers are perfect for ear level applications, such as home theatre or music listening. To make installation easier, all models (except the CIW series) have spring-loaded dog-ears that snap into place with just a quick turn from a coin or the included guitar-pick.

Woofer: 4 x 8” IMG
Tweeter: 1” Silk DPSDTM
Power RMS: 50 Watts
Power Peak: 125 Watts
Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz
Impedance : 6 ohm
Dimensions: 140 x 300mm
Cutout Dimensions: 118 x 278mm
Grille Dimensions: 149 x 311mm
Mounting Depth: 95mm

About Origin Acoustics

In 1976 we invented the in-wall speaker because our family and friends yearned to experience high-performance audio just the way the musical artist intended, in the comfort of their own home. Nearly four decades, numerous awards and 1000’s of products later...we are not finished. Our goal? To produce the best sounding loudspeakers you can own. Because of your support and demand for what we do, we will not stop until this is achieved. For this sole purpose, we have reunited the best talent in the industry. This is our art, creating and sharing the perfect sounding loudspeaker. It is our life. When all others say, “it can’t be done”, we continue to innovate. We have created tomorrow’s trends and are delivering them today. We are the artists of sound. We are Origin Acoustics.